My roommates girlfriend likes it very very cold

My roommates girlfriend likes it very very cold

Nick November 22, 2021

My roommate’s girlfriend has been spending the night frequently over the last couple of months.

She doesn’t pay any rent and has a place of her own, but they still spend all of their time at our place.

My roommate and I got into an argument last weekend, because Jackie has been adjusting the indoor temperatures every time she comes to visit. My roommate gave her a key to the apartment. I was very unhappy, but I didn’t want to cause a problem. Every time she comes to the house, she changes the temperature on the thermostat. My roommate and I usually keep the temperature at 72 degrees. Every time I come back to the house and Jackie is there, the thermostat is set at 67 or 68 degrees. I finally had enough last weekend, when the electric bill came in the mail. It was almost $100 higher than normal and I refused to pay the extra portion. I told my roommate it was due to his girlfriend and I suggested she pay the extra charges. The guy got very upset and angry and he stormed out of the house. He didn’t come back until the next day. I haven’t seen his girlfriend in a while and we haven’t talked about the electric bill since the argument. At this point, I really have no idea what the guy is thinking. This is the first time we have argued and had a disagreement. I honestly think we might need to separate and find other accommodations, but I hope we can work it out.

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