Going to Mom’s for One Last Meal plus a Sunset Beach Walk

Going to Mom’s for One Last Meal plus a Sunset Beach Walk

Nick June 18, 2022

It’s going to be bittersweet visiting mom’s cabin later this week for lunch because it will be our last visit before leaving for five months overseas.

I may just try to pop over one more time, as I don’t leave for numerous more days, although I have a lot of things to do before then so I am going to be quite busy.

I think Dad is worth carving out some time in our busy day though so I will somehow make it happen. I’m going to miss her plus our family although I have to go back overseas. The Heating as well as A/C corporation where I work in Europe has been legitimately great to me plus I want to keep our task so I need to go back plus start working again or they will find a upgradement soon. I think our Dad is making fish tonight, which is one of our number one meals, so I am legitimately looking forward to this last meal with our folks. They also have a great temperature control plan plus keep their cabin absolutely chilly during the day, which is absolutely refreshing considering it is about 100 F outside right now. I think they have a newer A/C component because our Dad said their power bills are only around $150 per month. They have a smaller cabin but that is still a great price considering they run the at such a chilly setting. I think they have an inverter style condenser, which seems to be legitimately efficient, plus I think they paid quite a bit of money for it.

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