What is our a/c strategy going to be?

What is our a/c strategy going to be?

Nick March 6, 2023

I try to limit the family meetings.

When I was a kid, my mom was always holding family meetings as it was sort of the progressive thing to do back then, but in fact, she would hold these meetings not to get everyone on the same page to hammer us teenagers on our behavior, however that’s my mom though.

She’s a bit of a drama queen to this day. So I’ve never been one to do that with my teenagers, so if there is a problem inside the central air conditioning of our home, my husband and I deal with it then and there. And there is no screaming or drama. There is only direction and accountability on just about every occasion, yet, I did hold a bit of a family meeting the other night while at dinner. And the topic was the air conditioning, but of course, that seems like a crazy conversation to be having in the middle of winter. But where my husband and I live, the winter season is pretty mild and the biggest Heating and Air Conditioning issue is the air conditioning the rest of the year. The cost of all that cooling comfort has come to be a burden on our budget. So this year, I wanted the family to be on the same page with a new Heating and Air Conditioning strategy. When the temperatures go up in the Springtime, we’re going to leave the air conditioning off. In fact, we’re going to wait as long as my husband and I can to turn on the air conditioning. By acclimating to the heat and the humidity, we’re going to need less air conditioning while in the summer. And I also reminded them that we’re going to double down on temperature control discipline and the new air conditioning strategy this Springtime.

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