Lighting control upgrade for the night shift

Lighting control upgrade for the night shift

Nick October 25, 2023

I have been looking into an automated lighting system, however i have a few switches inside of my house that control the outdoor lights; There are lights on the front plus back of the house.

  • There is a light pole in the middle of my driveway.

I also have a porch light, however when I come back from work or out with friends, I hate staggering around in the dark. If I forget to turn on the switch, after that I am greeted by a dark house. I then have to figure out which switch goes to what. With an automated lighting system, all my problems would be over. I would be able to set a timed program on when the lights come on. I would like them to be on from 7pm to 11pm. I also would like the back of the apartment lit up in the middle of the night plus to turn off when the sun rises, for security purposes automated lighting control would be a game changer. I am looking more at it for convenience. I also could eliminate that massive wall of switches if the lights were all a part of a house automation program. I could just get a smart pad inside of my house plus if I need to make changes, do it through that, home automation is going to be the name of the future; Right now I am starting small with a lighting control upgrade, then someday I might upgrade to a security system or an integrated Heating as well as A/C unit.


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