Avoid the midsummer air conditioning calamity

Avoid the midsummer air conditioning calamity

Nick July 19, 2022

It’s sort of weird how things tend to go from bad to worse with me.

Whenever stuff starts falling apart in my life, there is more to come.

And I can’t really seem to do anything about that. While I always do my best to be on top of things inside the zone controlled HVAC of work as well as at home, stuff still happens. And every now and again, one bad thing ends up turning into a cascade of negativity. All I can do is just sort of hang on the best I can and keep my head down. Eventually, things have a way of righting themselves and the clouds part. Last summer, is a great example. We had just gotten back into our offices with the zone controlled HVAC. The pandemic had closed us down and sent everyone off to work from their own air conditioning. I did my best to deal with working at home but it wasn’t the greatest. So I was eager to get back to things at the office. Well, the very first day back inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office and we had a systems crash. This was followed by one of our major clients deciding to leave us after nearly 20 years. And then, I got Covid. Thankfully, I was vaccinated so it wasn’t all that bad. But then the air conditioning went out just as I was isolating in the basement of my house. And I could have kept that from happening had I simply called the HVAC company for an air conditioner tune up. I’m not making this up.

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