What a change in morale with new HVAC upgrade in the office

What a change in morale with new HVAC upgrade in the office

Nick July 19, 2022

It was hard to watch the way things went so drastically down hill where I work for the past 5 years or so.

It started when the beloved manager of our regional office retired to the air conditioning, sunshine and golf course.

The new manager was someone brought in from outside the company. He quickly surrounded himself with his own management team. The corner cutting was the next thing to be instituted. The quality of our work suffered tremendously. As a result, our numbers tanked as well. So this manager started shifting money around to shore up the bottom line. Money earmarked for things like HVAC equipment upgrades was applied elsewhere to phony up the loss in revenue. The turnover was pretty bad as many of the good workers simply saw the writing on the wall and found other jobs. I was resistant to leave as I believed in this company and this was more than just a job. But when I saw two of my new colleagues almost come to blows over the thermostat setting because it was so uncomfortable in the office, I almost left. Thankfully, the brass at corporate finally figured out the charade and fired the whole management team. The first thing the transition team from corporate did was to contact the HVAC company. Within days, we finally got the upgrades to our heating and cooling that we never got. Now, we are enjoying the zone controlled HVAC comfort in our office and are turning this thing around. There are still plenty of challenges ahead but we are on the right track and we’re doing it inside the best quality heating and air ever.

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